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jen <3 vince

Aniston vows to keep silent on new relationship

Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston has vowed to keep silent about her relationship with actor Vince Vaughn after she talked so openly about her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Aniston has always been honest about her thoughts on marriage and even talked about how she was affected by her parents' divorce. But she now feels embarrassed by her pubic revelations for Pitt when they split last year, according to Internet Movie Database.

Aniston has refused to talk about her relationship with Vaughn even though they have been dating since June last year.

She says: "I am not talking about him (Vaughn). I am not being difficult, it's just that, as you can imagine, I have been burnt in the past when it comes to talking about that part of my life. So I am just leaving that subject alone. But, I am doing great and I am very happy with my life. I have been happy for a while. It's a good life.",001100020002.htm

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