Prancing About with your heads full of eyeballs! (zombiesmut) wrote in downwithjolie,
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Went to see The Break Up last night. I'm usually not much of a romantic comedy girl, but I wanted to give Jen my money. ;) Anyway, glad I went to see it because it reminded me much more of a less intense Closer than it did of say, You Got Mail. Not a romantic comedy at all. More like a dark comedy.

Jen and Vince are an adorable couple. In the end, Jen got the better man, and if I were her I'd publically point and laught at Mangelina for getting stuck with a personality bereft drone like Brad. Vince seems like he's better in bed too, he has that 'animal in the sack' feel to him. ;)

And for something completely different, to show I have no heart, does anyone remember a book and a movie about a dog... named Shiloh?

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